Monday, June 30, 2014

Stairway To Heaven Controversy

Longtime fans of Spirit might already be well acquainted with the controversy surrounding the similarities between their song Taurus and Led Zeppelin's famous rock epic Stairway To Heaven. We thought we would weigh in on the conversation and add our viewpoint to the mix. We took the introductions to both songs and mixed them together, one of them panned left and the other panned right. This clearly shows the exact similarities of the two progressions, and in our opinion it shows that Randy California deserves songwriting credit. The case was taken to court in 2014 and we are awaiting on the outcome of those proceedings. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


SPIRIT was band with a rich musical history and legacy, originally based in Los Angeles and formed in 1967. This website aims to preserve and promote the legacy of the band, and help a new generation appreciate the lost genius of a handful of talented musicians. Most of all I am a huge fan and wanted to do whatever I can to promote the band! Long live Randy California, Ed Cassidy and John Locke. May their Spirit live on forever...

ED CASSIDY (drums, percussion)

RANDY CALIFORNIA (guitar, vocals)


(organ, piano, keys)